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Jun 072012

“Battle Armor” Buzz Lightyear is probably my last super costume.  In many ways I consider it my thesis costume.  It’s all of the techniques I’ve learned over the last few years applied into one big costume.    It’s also gotten the biggest reaction.  Moving through a convention wearing this thing is impossible, the best you can do is just pose for pictures with a big dumb grin on your face.  Which is basically why I built it.

It’s made entirely from lightweight plastics such as stryene and pvc-foam.  With a little bit of EVA foam on a few pieces.  The dome is a cheap plastic dome.  The expensive acrylic one I ordered for over a hundred dollars didn’t arrive in time for Penny Arcade Expo 2011.  So I used a cheaper, lighter, and ultimatly better substitute.

These pics are the V1 version of the costume. I’ve made a few modifications to it to improve the comfort and to fix some issues with the forearm laser.

Update 1/22/2013

Here are a few Work in Progress Photos:
The full Set is on Flickr Here.

Pvc Foam, rivets, and Styrene to hold the parts together. These seams were eventually filled in with 2 part magic-sculpt epoxy putty.

Some PVC pipe, more PVC Foam.

The costume coming together.

The Boots! Glued an old pair of shoes to about 6inches of soft foam. Covered it in foam, then more foam. Added PVC-foam legs held on by bolts by the feet. These boots are actually pretty comfortable. I can seriously run in them.

Painting and priming!

Attaching the dome and finishing the paint job.

Sadly, this is when I kicked into super-build mode and didn’t have time to finish documenting it.

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