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photo by Comics Alliance

http://www.dtjaaaam.com Cosplay Photos from David “DTJAAAAM” Ngo

Well, another year another costume. About two years ago on a whim I threw together a helmet and gloves for a sentinel costume. I never really finished it, instead putting my efforts into doing my Buzz Lightyear costume. But it always sat on my shelf with it’s empty eyes and hollow interior, waiting for me to finish it.

Well, this year I finally did it, just in time for Emerald City Comic Con 2013. It was a blast. I was in a small X-men group, although we got separated for most of the day.

I’m most proud of three things with this costume. I haven’t seen very many people attempt it. It was very easy to get on. And I didn’t spend the morning of the con finishing it. That’s right… I finished it the day before. Which is a new record for me.

I ended the con completely exhausted. IT wasn’t super hot, nor uncomfortable, as it’s pretty light weight. However a whole day of it. Left me with some blisters on the back of my feet, and sore muscles all over.

The built itself was pretty simple. The helmet is Styrene and Sintra, with some Epoxy Puddy to fill in details. The body is entirely made out of EVA foam. Sealed with Plasti Dip, and painted. It took 4 cans of plasti dip, probably 40 glue sticks, around 20 sheets of EVA foam, 10 thick sheets of smaller foam, and a ton of straps, elastic, snaps and connectors. Not to mention the pair of old shoes glued into the feet.

I’ll post more pictures later, plus a few WIP photos later this week. Hopefully I’ll have some studio shots with my buddy Nate in a couple weeks also. Or I’ll just try to set them up myself. Which, might be interesting.

The costume with me in it stood about 6ft 7-8in. The next day out of costume people were surprised to find out I’m only 6ft.

Also, there is a tiny Wolverine doll attacking the helmet.

More info can be found here:


Punk Rock Pub Crawl

In a break from all the costume posts, here is my first video post.  This was edited and directed by me.  The host is my friend AveryCloseCall and representing DNAFashions, a local metal/punk rock clothing line.  Music by Billy the Fridge.

It’s really the first thing I’ve ever edited, where I had to do a lot of work.  It was cut from about 40 minutes of footage from that night.  First cut ran about 5 minutes.  But then I cut to 4, then to 330, then finally down to a little over 2 minutes.   I think I’m a huge fan of making little web videos like this short.  It’s probably my biggest complaint with things I see online.

So here it is.

Skyrim Nord Helm

A little project I did in 2011 after the release of Skyrim. It’s easily my most viewed photoset on flickr. More Pictures Here

It was made using a cheap plastic army costume army helm, some stryrene plastic, and some epoxy putty for the horns. I will admit, it’s not really that well built, and has already fallen apart in a few places. So right now, the only place it exists complete is in these pictures on the internets.

Work in Progress Photos:

Witchking of Angmar Helmet Template

I probably get more requests about my Witchking of Angmar build from 2 years ago, than I do anything else I’ve ever done. So I’ve decided to finally start building templates for all of the pieces. It will probably take awhile as it’s going to be something I do slowly, but here’s the helmet.

The thought is that this should be built out of styrene plastic. Molded with a heat gun. It’s lightweight and inexpensive to build. The horns are made from light weight wood carved with a knife and screwed into the plastic. The ‘weld’ is just a ton of hot glue.

The look of the plastic is achieved by lightly sanding, then spray painting with hammered metal spraypaint, and then rubbing with black acrylic to get that sooty look.

Full Size should take up about 4 sheets of paper. the 1 inch boxes should be 1 inch on each side to properly scale this armor.

For more info check out my build thread on the RPF:

Lime Green Foam Shep from Mass Effect 3

Oh god, another foamshep build 🙂

My buddy Nate took some photos of my new Mass Effect Costume at PAX this weekend.

I went with a slightly different build than usual. Capacitor armor in a few parts. The Capacitors were cast in urethane. I went with a limegreen paint job to use up the rest of my Buzz Lightyear paint.

Pics incoming!


And my favorite picture of the day with a fellow cosplayer that I call “Who needs Dragons?”:

A few build details.

This is almost entirely foam. I didn’t use the textured side, because I wanted a different look. So instead I painted on the bits of carbon fiber.

The mask was almost entirely done in 1 day. It’s ugly and not finished yet. Eventually I’ll make it perfect.

The costume was very comfortable to wear. it’s a complex set up with a lot of straps and connectors. The chest piece can be detached, and the ab plates flex as I move (Lots of elastic bands).

I did the hip pieces so that they move when I move. I can run, sit, jump and kneel in this thing.

I have a very large build. 6ft, 225 pounds, so no existing patterns work for me. So this is entirely custom patterned. I did look at a lot of peoples patterns though for inspiration.

The hand plates are styrene. I figured out a trick to super glue a small piece of foam between the plates. This makes them hold together perfectly. This trick I plan on remembering.

If this costume gets worn again, I’m going to finish a few painted parts. Eventually I’m going to detail the undersuit.

The glue used was Super Glue and Hot Glue. It’s covered in Plasti-dip spray as welll to seal the foam. I’m not sure how I feel about the texture of Plasti-dip though. But it’s very tough, after spraying is low odor, and it holds paint pretty well.

For more Photos check out Nate Zimmer photography:


The Mask of Amon – Legend of Korra

” I received your invitation young Avatar. Our showdown, while inevitable, is premature. Although it would be the simplest thing for me to take away your bending right now, I won’t. You’d only become a martyr. Benders of every nation would rally behind your untimely demise, but I assure you, I have a plan. And I’m saving you for last, then you’ll get your duel, and I will destroy you.”

The Mask of Amon, the chi-blocking super villian ninja totally batman dude from the Legend of Korra.  This project has been in planning for a couple months, and after a lot of sculpting, and a lot of molding failures and some last minute changes, I finally have it done.

I started it before the series debut, but didn’t get around to finishing it until today, which is when the first season ended.  I loved the mask as soon as I saw it, I though it was cool, and very different from what I’ve done before.

It was sculpted in NSP clay and smoothed with Mineral Spirits. Then cast in Silicone, which didn’t cure correctly. So I cleaned up the casting, threw out the rubber, dropped a layer of primer on the NSP and re-rubbered it. The rubber didn’t cure again. I was getting frustrated. Then I realized that I hadn’t stirred the giant 1 gallon bucket of Part B Rebound 25. So I stirred it up like a madman, and recast it and it was perfect.

Then another problem. I noticed a bit detail was wrong on the mask. So i cut the molds eyes out, fixed the eyes, and then remolded that one part by itself. (which lead to a useable, but ultimately messy casting that needs a fair amount of cleanup and sanding)

The mask turned out well, and I have a couple friends who want copies already. So I’m going to crank those out over the next week. However there are a few parts of it that aren’t smooth enough. So it is very likely that I’ll fix and smooth out this mask, and then re-mold it again with an improved version. I think people do that a lot. Although it seems a waste of a bunch of Rebound 25 and Plastipaste. But it would require less clean up and sanding if I ended up doing a bunch of these.

It fits ok on my face, but it will need some padding to fit comfortably. These pics here are of what I am thinking will be my display version, with another version I’m going to cast that can actually be wearable.

So yeah there it is, wasted a lot of rubber on it, and it turned out ok I guess. 🙂



Buzz Lightyear

“Battle Armor” Buzz Lightyear is probably my last super costume.  In many ways I consider it my thesis costume.  It’s all of the techniques I’ve learned over the last few years applied into one big costume.    It’s also gotten the biggest reaction.  Moving through a convention wearing this thing is impossible, the best you can do is just pose for pictures with a big dumb grin on your face.  Which is basically why I built it.

It’s made entirely from lightweight plastics such as stryene and pvc-foam.  With a little bit of EVA foam on a few pieces.  The dome is a cheap plastic dome.  The expensive acrylic one I ordered for over a hundred dollars didn’t arrive in time for Penny Arcade Expo 2011.  So I used a cheaper, lighter, and ultimatly better substitute.

These pics are the V1 version of the costume. I’ve made a few modifications to it to improve the comfort and to fix some issues with the forearm laser.

Update 1/22/2013

Here are a few Work in Progress Photos:
The full Set is on Flickr Here.

Pvc Foam, rivets, and Styrene to hold the parts together. These seams were eventually filled in with 2 part magic-sculpt epoxy putty.

Some PVC pipe, more PVC Foam.

The costume coming together.

The Boots! Glued an old pair of shoes to about 6inches of soft foam. Covered it in foam, then more foam. Added PVC-foam legs held on by bolts by the feet. These boots are actually pretty comfortable. I can seriously run in them.

Painting and priming!

Attaching the dome and finishing the paint job.

Sadly, this is when I kicked into super-build mode and didn’t have time to finish documenting it.